How To Handle Fleas and Ticks With Pest Control Sydney

Fleas in your Sydney home may cause you a lot of problems. It’s a problem that pest control Sydney can handle! Fleas, like bed bugs, are small, fast-moving insects that attach themselves to animals and humans. They can easily jump over four feet, meaning they can attack an adult human in less than two seconds.

Pest control Sydney will use a flea, tick, or bat control spray, a bait trap, or both. The three common methods used include:

Introducing Flea Products and Bait to High Traffic Areas – Most flea products and bait are distributed through stores and online. In some cases, it is easier to dispense the product and bait directly to high traffic areas. Flea products and bait can be dispersed to high traffic areas that are more easily seen.

These companies will supply exterminator companies with the proper equipment to drop the baits. The exterminator companies follow the directions on the boxes to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Lethal Control – Contact spray – This method can kill fleas and can cause the pests to stay away from the area. The aerosol, which is sprayed under the mattress, can eliminate up to 95% of the fleas that are present. When this aerosol is used, the exterminator will first inspect the area to ensure it is sterile.

When pest control Sydney uses a flea and tick treatment, they will prepare the treated area for the treatment. If they are not prepared, then fleas and ticks can become resistant to the treatment.

Warm Temperatures – Warm temperatures can affect the effectiveness of the repellent. An exterminator may recommend a second treatment at a later date when fleas and ticks have been eliminated. Once the fleas and ticks are removed, the exterminator will apply the next treatment.

Before an exterminator uses a spray, they must thoroughly inspect the areas that need treatment. By examining the conditions before treatment, they are able to ensure that the areas will not be too hot or cold for the insects to live in. Exterminators use cooling measures during treatment.

Before an exterminator company uses the aerosol, they must check the room that will be treated. During this inspection, the exterminator should inspect each area for infestation. Once the inspector leaves the room, the exterminator will apply the spray.

After an exterminator uses a flea and tick treatment, they must wait two days to ensure that all the insects have died. The exterminator then decides if they need to do the treatment again. By the time they decide whether to repeat the treatment, the pests are already dead.

A pest control in Sydney, Australia, knows about the correct ways to handle pests. When you are ready to find a pest control service, talk to LJ Sydney Pest Control!